USB-Powered Warm Office Gloves

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Stay Warm in Your Ridiculously Cold Office

Whether your office skimps on the heat in the winter or overcompensates with air-conditioning in the summer, cold hands in an office setting are all too familiar. Luckily, there's a solution. Unlike normal gloves, these heated fingerless gloves allow you to type and click without obstruction. They come in three colors and it can reach a very comfortable and warm temperature of about 42 °C.
USB-Powered Warm Office Gloves:
1. Simple and also warms up the back of the hand. The product is soft, comfortable, safe, and promotes blood circulation.
2. This product uses high-tech heating materials powered by a low 5V USB voltage, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable.
3. Washable. Just take out the heat-generating piece inside to wash the gloves.
4. In a short period of time, it can reach a very comfortable temperature of about 42 °C.