Store Highlights

Our best sellers are the most affordable now in the leather industry. Check out their highlights and be inspired by the details and quality of our products. 


15" Leather Briefcase

Have you got a 3-day business trip to Asia on the weekend? Our 15" Leather Briefcase can fit in your 14" laptop and other electronics that you need on your business trip. The classic shape (without the sharp corners), buckles, leather exterior, and practical interior compartments help make this bag a timeless addition to any working man's wardrobe.


Handy Leather Briefcase

Sometimes, we just need to spend the whole day attending business meetings from one client to another. This handy briefcase is the perfect choice for your busy, modern lifestyle.


Vertical Messenger Bag

Check out our latest messenger bagBring along all your gadgets wherever you go, thanks to this high-capacity bag that can fit in almost everything. The messenger’s laid-back style will always have a classic casual flair and also exudes a hint of uptown sophistication.


Versatile Hobo Bag

 Spending time with your friends in the movies or out for a quick stroll in the park? This hobo bag is perfect for you. This Hobo Bag is perfect for the student on the go, as it makes a fashion statement and exudes more masculinity and style savvy than your typical backpack.


 Classic Chest Bag 

 A chest bag is a smaller version of the messenger bag. And just like messenger bags, it can be worn around the chest, and it’s often adjusted to make sure that it rests on the wearer’s back. Originally, these bags were used by messengers on bikes. With the design of the sling bag, the wearer can move freely without having to worry about dropping anything from the bag. You can also have one if you are a cyclist or if you want to have a hassle-free hiking experience. Click here to view the product.