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Welcome to RLC Shoppe Bespoke Shoes page. Before you place an order, we would like you to know more about our custom-made shoes - the shoemaking crafts we use, lead time before shipment, and how to place an order. However, if you have been here and wanted to skip this introduction, click any of the following shoe types you want:


What is Bespoke Footwear?

Bespoke Shoes – known to most as “custom” or “made-to-order” shoes, are shoes made especially for a certain customer by a shoemaker. The feet are measured and a last (foot-shaped material made of hardwood or high-density plastic) for each foot is created. What was started in England centuries ago, RLC Shoppe has adopted bespoke shoemaking as a special way to serve customers that value true quality in the things they wear. Based on the measurements our valued customers provide, we custom-craft shoes to fit their true size. The short film below highlights the activities in our shoe shop.


Goodyear Welt Technology

RLC Shoppe's shoemakers have practiced what is called Goodyear welt shoemaking. It is a technology invented by Mr. Charles Goodyear Jr in 1869. Before you can understand the nuances of Goodyear-welted shoes, it’s important to understand the components of men’s designer leather shoes:

  1. The Upper: the visible piece of leather or suede that makes up the upper half of the shoe
  2. The Insole: this is the inner sole that comes into contact with the foot
  3. The Outsole: the bottom sole that touches the ground
  4. Welts: in the best men's designer leather shoes, this piece of leather is sewn along the perimeter of the outsole
  5. The Last: during the construction process, the upper and insole are wrapped around a mold of a foot, called a last, which helps give the shoe its shape.

In most shoes, the upper is folded between the insole and outsole, then all three layers are sewn together. However, in the Goodyear welt, an extra piece of leather is used for a more secure shoe construction. 

Image by PrimerMagazine.com

There are many other benefits to these shoes, which is why they are favored by discerning shoppers. Not only do they last longer, but the extra stitch also makes these shoes far more resistant to water. While the welt helps keep out water, it also allows in more air, making these shoes breathable and cool in the heat and warm and dry during the winter. And because the Goodyear welt relies on a lockstitching method, the stitch will hold even if a portion of it tears or comes undone.


The Best High-End Men’s Shoes Are Handmade by Artisans

The number of artisan shoemakers who still know how to construct Goodyear-welted shoes is dwindling in the 21st century. At the RLC factory, our Bespoke Goodyear leather shoes for men are still handsewn by uniquely skilled local artisans. The leather uppers are still stained by hand, and this attention to detail -- so rare in the age of mass-produced, cemented shoes -- makes all the difference.

Hand Staining Process

This end result is a shoe that can easily last a lifetime (with the proper care) but also results in a more comfortable shoe. In RLC Shoppe factory, an extra layer of cork is hand-applied to the bottom of the inner-sole for extra cushioning. Over thousands of steps, the wearer will create a unique footprint that lets the sole mold to the unique shape of their foot.


What We Offer

RLC Shoppe has over 65 styles of short boots and 213 styles of dress shoes for men to choose from. All of our products are all handmade to suit every customer's needs.


How To Place Order

Click the Customized Shoe menu and choose your desired shoe style, Short Boots, Dress Shoes. On the shoe style page, you can choose the model number and color from the selection that we provide. You specify your foot measurements or opt to select size from the UK shoe chart. Lastly, if you have a specific shoe color in mind or you have found a clipping from a magazine that you want your shoes to be like, send it separately to enquiry@rlcshoppe.com and include your order number in the subject line.

Our Promise

Personal service and attention to detail is our aim, whether you are buying shoes or simply purchasing a pair of laces, we assure that we will keep you worry-free. Shoe production for one to four pairs will usually take 15 days. Five to fifty pairs can take up to 30 days. Delivery will take about 5 to 10 days - free of charge.

Wholesale Price On Orders Over 5 Pairs Per Style

On orders over 5 pairs per style, RLC Shoppe offers a reasonable wholesale price. Please contact enquiry@rlcshoppe.com for price adjustments before you place your orders.


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